How To Build Shoulder Muscles-The Anatomy Of Shoulder Muscles

How to begin a discussion on the shoulders? I think we need to cover the anatomy of the shoulder muscles and also, exercises on how to build the shoulder muscles. I believe this will serve the majority of my readers the best. So without any more delay let us get to it.

The Anatomy Of The Shoulder Muscles

Shoulder Muscles Diagram


The shoulder muscles group consist of the Deltoid muscle and it’s three heads. The Anterior Head, the Middle Head, and the Posterior Head. A very controversial muscle is the Trapezius muscle which is not a part of the shoulder but, it is also very common to work this muscle with the shoulders. The Trapezius or (Traps) muscle is also located in the back muscles. Giving us the controversy of where to talk about this muscle. I am going to choose both the shoulders and the back. Since, the Trapezius muscle runs from the neck to the shoulder blades and down the spine. It is a very visible muscle and why it gets a workout with the shoulders. Which brings us to the exercises for the shoulders.

Exercises For The Shoulder Muscles

Their are quite a few shoulder exercises out there. I have only chosen those that can be done with either dumbbells, a barbell, and a seat or chair. Here are some exercises that I have chosen to tell you about. I have not ranked or put these exercises in any type of order. I believe this is the secret to any exercise program, and that is to concentrate, concentrate some more, then concentrate even more on that muscle group you are working.

  1. OverHead Press: This can be done with either dumbbells or a bar. If, you throw in some back support you can do this exercise seated. To do lift weights from chest overhead always concentrating on your shoulder muscle.
  2. Upright Rows: You can do this with both some dumbbells or a barbell. To do, simply hold the weight relaxed at your waist with your hands about shoulder with apart and bring to your chin.
  3. Seated Lateral Raise: You will need dumbbells and a chair. To do, hold weights relaxed with palms facing inward behind your lower legs and raise your arms to shoulder height with your elbows slightly bent.
  4. Side Dumbell Lateral Raise: To do hold weights relaxed by your side with palms facing inward and raise arms with weights to shoulder height.
  5. Front Dumbbell Raise: To do stand firmly with weights resting in front of your legs with palms facing you raise your arms out in front of you to shoulder height.
  6. Bent Over Lateral Raise: You will need a set of dumbbells for this one. To do bend your body so that your legs are pretty straight and your back is parallel to the floor. With weights hanging relaxed from your shoulders and palms facing inward raise arms to shoulder height keeping elbows slightly bent and arms should end parallel to floor.
  7. Arnold Press: You will only need dumbbells for this exercise. To do bring weights to your chest with palms facing you. Then extend your arms overhead while rotating your palms to face away from you.

More About The Trapezius Muscle

Let me give you some more information about the Trapezius. You know that little or huge V shaped muscle that runs down peoples neck to their shoulders. That is the Trapezius muscle. It is a muscle that supports the shoulder and back, so we definitely need to look at it. I have looked at many Trap exercises, but I am only going to show you some of them and of those that pertain to the shoulder area.

Exercises For The Trapezius Muscle

Before I begin giving you some more exercises. Let me EMPHASIZE the need to think about the muscle you are working. I simply cannot over state that very simple, but not so easy task. Most of these exercises can be done with no weights at all. Here they are !!!

  1. The Shoulder Shrug: This exercise can be done with a barbell or a set of dumbbells, there is also a version of this exercise with no weights at all. To do simply relax hands by side and shrug your shoulders and remember to really think about what your doing here.
  2. Upright Rows: I have already mentioned this, but you can also do these with no weights. To do simply relax hands to be in front of you and bring to your chin.
  3. Shoulder Blade Squeeze: You can do this exercise with no weights. To do just squeeze your shoulder blades together, hold and release.
  4. Push Ups: There is a lot of variations of the push up. It is not my goal to give you all these variations, but let your body tell you if it is right or not.

A look back

We have covered a lot of information. The anatomy of the shoulder muscle and what lies behind that muscle group. Why I chose to give you information on the Trapezius muscle, while we talked about the shoulder muscles. The exercises to help you develop your shoulder muscles. I have also given you the best advice that I know on this subject. That I will restate one more time because it is that important. Folks!!! Listen to your body and always think about the muscle you are working on. If there are questions or comments please leave them below. I am here to help my friends.






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